Top Indian Youtube Prankster Channels You Could Subscribe.

This article contains a list of top India Youtube pranksters with a brief description about them.

Undoubtedly, Youtube is the biggest place where people store their videos.

Also, Youtube is one of the places to have fun. Youtube, the biggest video directory of news, debates, jokes, etc has Prank as one of his categories.

Here I am going to list top Indian pranksters that you could and should follow by subscribing their channel(s):

1TroubleSeeker Team


TroubleSeeker Team is a Team of 3-4 guys*, But usually, 2 of them ( Prince and Rahul )appears the most in their prank videos.

Their channel has more than 839,000 subscribers.

Personally, I like only their pranks the most, that’s why I have put their channel at the top of the list. They are crazy, exciting and funny.

Besides that, they have never done anything abusive in any of their pranks like other pranksters might have done*.

They have also done some interviews and vines “Bacho ki batein” but you should rather watch their pranks first.

Search for TST on youtube.

Follow them on Twitter:

2Funk You

Search for “Funk You” on Youtube.

3Love Rudrakash

The Team of 2 guys Love and Khushi.

They have more than 569,000 subscribers on their channel.

They Generally update video every Saturday.

Search his name on youtube.