Why purchasing a .xyz Domain is a Great Deal for New Bloggers?

This article tells you about how it is beneficial to buy dot xyz instead of dot com.

Buying a .com domain is great but they are expensive if there is no offer in the market.

.xyz domains are the new generation domains that might take the place of .com in future. (as some people say after releasing of abc.xyz)

As per my thinking, no domain can take a place of .com.

As I said in my previous posts, .com would always be the prestigious domain and no one could take place of him.

What should I do?

I prefer you should go for .xyz if you are a new blogger. Also, don’t take big hosting plans. Take a free one first like 000webhost etc.

What about SEO then?

This a total bullshit. No one can hide you website to be getting on google if your content is good, Your site is perfectly managed, having an easy navigation bar, ineffable theme, and privacy policy page.

I really think that is a complete rubbish that people think only .com websites have a place to be on the first page of Google.

If it is so, then what about the labnol.org, 9lessons.info?

Yeah, I understand that you will have to remind your users that your website domain name is ending with .xyz suffix not .com but if you are getting such a big offer in the .xyz domain then there is not a big deal.

I can give four reasons why you should buy a .xyz instead of any other if you are a new blogger:

1It is Cheap

Unlike .org’s and .net’s, xyz domains are cheap for the first year.

Most of the domain registrars are giving it for just a dollar.

So, it’s a great way to start a professional blog if you have less money to invest in it.

2You may get a small name easily

You may get a small and elegant name without having to struggle more.

Plus, it is memorable as they are short and easy to remember.

3Great Start

As I said above, acquiring an xyz domain is a great way to start.

Most of the people start blogging with joy but soon it would become pleasure less for them as it would not be able to generate decent revenue as they thought. So, that would tend to drop to the blog by their owners. Thus, ultimately they lose their money instead of earning.


4A great investment

As claimed by many people (after Google’s Alphabet has chosen .xyz as his domain), xyz would take the place of dot-com in near future. Although I don’t think so, if It will happen, then your domain is going to give you a lot of returns.

Don’t waste your money in getting com’s. Go for cheap xyz. Because A penny saved is a penny earned.

So, take your credit card and grab a .xyz now.