Why You Should Upgrade Your Blog to HTTPS

This Article tells you about the new thing that will be introduced in upcoming Chrome 68. Also tells you about Chrome popularity and gives you a brief description of HTTP and HTTPS.

What’s New in Chrome 68?

Google Chrome 68, which is going to release in July this year, notifies its users that they are using the non-https site or something equivalent to this.

In other words, It will notify the users whether the site is secure or not by giving a warning message that might be in a form of a pop-up.

Just Like Chrome 64, which has introduced features that block unwanted ads, 68 will also be introduced with an aim to make the web more secure to its users.

Chrome Is The Most Popular Browser!

Moreover, Also, Chrome is the most popular browser and it is being used by most of the users to surf the internet.

Google Chrome - Most Popular Browser
Google Chrome – Most Popular Browser

So now, it’s a need of every blogger to make their site secure by moving to HTTPS.

If they don’t, there might be a possibility that their SEO scores will decrease.

For any blog, there is no need at all to switch it in HTTPS unless the blog is taking some confidential information like username and passwords.

Various domain name providers are also EV SSL that you could buy at a very cheaper rate.

More Info. On HTTP & HTTPS


A long time ago, there was the only HTTP which was being used. HTTP stands for Hypertext transfer protocol. But only HTTP could not make your data secure. Hackers could steal information that was being sent over HTTP connections.

That’s why HTTPS has been introduced. HTTPS connections are more secure and that adds a layer of security to the protocol.

As per wired.com, “half of the internet is now encrypted”.