Using Twitter As An Image Hosting Place

This article gives you an idea to use twitter as Image Hosting that might speed up your site speed.

As you know that Twitter is the second largest social network on the internet. That’s why their servers are fast, reliable and powerful for meeting the needs of such high data traffic.

In addition to this, Twitter is famous so you can believe them that they are going to continue their services until the internet is alive. Therefore, they will keep your images until that time so there is no chance of getting broken links in the near future.

So as the Title of this post says, I am going to show you how to use Twitter as an image hosting service:

1Log-in/Create Account

The very first step is to host an image on Twitter. You need to create an account (Log-in to your account) in order to upload files.

See this guide if don’t know how to create an account on Twitter.

2Complete Profile

Complete your profile if you will be asked to do so. You can skip this step if you will not be asked.


Yeah. What you have to is just to post a tweet. But wait, You need to Upload an image or two if you want to host.

You have to click on the Add Photo button in order to do that.

After completing the above process, click on Tweet button.


Now you upload a photo will appear on your Twitter timeline (or whatever you say it). Now click on that photo and again right click on the image and “Copy the Image Location”.

The link is successfully copied to your clipboard. You can use it wherever you want to use.


Additionally, You may remove the “:large”, “:medium”, or “:small” if it will creating any problem in embedding.

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More Screen-shots: