Top 10 Benefits of Chocolate

It’s very hard to believe that chocolate is considered as healthy for a human body. But this is the fact. Yeah, Chocolate is healthy for human body. one of its main ingredients is COCOA, that makes it healthier.

So In this article, I am going to tell you top 10 health benefits of Chocolate.

Let’s Start:

1Reduce Stress

Some research support that chocolate can really reduce stress. A dark chocolate contains two types of fatty acids – palmitic and stearic, which can make you happier and reduce stress.

2Improves Intelligence

Researchers found that drinking cocoa rich in flavanols boosts blood flow, and thus improves intelligence.

3Reduce Heart Problems

Eating cocoa and foods made up of cocoa may reduce heart problems. Cocoa contains plenty of flavanols which is good for the heart.

4Prevents Cancer

It may be hard to believe, but as per the article posted on American cancer society ( that I had read a few days ago, cancer may be prevented by eating cocoa.

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5Protects Your Skin

Chocolate can also protect you from harmful Ultra Violet radiations which could be bad for your skin.

6Boosts Mood

Cocoa has rich vitamin B, which is needed for a variety of metabolic processes. So by that also helps work as a mood booster. Plus, it also releases the feel-good hormone in the brain – Dopamine.

7Calms Your Cough

Some researchers say that it can calm your cough also. Well, I don’t think so. It never worked for me.

8Lowers Your Blood Pressure

If we talk about blood pressure, Dark Chocolate is really going to help it.

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9Great For Pregnancy

As per the research, women who ate chocolate during their pregnancy were able to handle stress and anxiety better as compared to those who had not eaten it.

10Improves Vision

Research also shows that Dark Chocolate is also responsible for improving eyesight.

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But in spite of these facts, Chocolate also lead to various health problems like tooth decay, etc. well, it has been said that Excess Of Anything Is Bad.

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