The Secret Behind “WhatsApp Color Change” Link

Don’t open ‘whatsapp(dot)com/?colors’ it’s an Adware (Virus). The Various IT Authorities have warned against opening these types of links that are going viral these days on the India’s popular chat platform “WhatsApp”.

If you see very carefully the letters of the word ‘WhatsApp’ is not written correctly. It’s an Adware.

Q.What is an Adware ?

A.Adware is a type of virus that automatically generates and displays advertisements on your laptop or mobile phone screen in order to generate revenue for its author.

I also request you, not to share these types of messages to your contacts. I also recommends you not to install any application on your mobile phone (both android or windows) without first verifying its source from where you are installing it.

Q.How to Verify ?

A.Simply take a look at the URL on your web browser and check it. Although Google Chrome Browser will always warn you if you try to open these kinds of Malicious or Adware links.