The Rise, Fall & Rise Again of Blackberry

Blackberry a Canadian company which was one of the most successful companies in the world faced a tremendous fall. Now it is back with a great strategy, idea, technology, passion and enthusiasm.

The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change

― Heraclitus

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”. Rightly said by HERACLITUS. Change is the only thing which is persistent in this world. Same applies to our tech world. Tech World is changing every second. Our interests in tech are changing every second. And those tech companies who would not be able to accompany with these changes might tend to lose the market and consumer interests.

Today, In this article we are going to talk about the company who was once considered as the most prominent smartphone seller in the world. The company who had more than 85 million subscribers in the world (as on September 2013). The company who had manufactured top-class keypad phones for the business people. The company whose smartphone “research was always in motion”.  Yes, we are going to talk about the rise and fall of the Canadian phone manufacturing company, RIM’s Blackberry.

What Happened To BlackBerry?

Blackberry is a company who had mistaken to identify the market scenario at the time when iPhone iOS and Android platforms were introduced that had been changing the consumer fondness for technology.

That was the reason that gradually slows down the growth of Blackberry.

Blackberry, after being defeated by the challenging industry ultimately released an official notice stating that they are no longer going to make their smartphones.

At that moment, everyone thought that blackberry would end soon.


The death of the brand was likely to occur. But something was being planned by Blackberry. Blackberry had been planning to accelerate their rescue plan.

And eventually, Blackberry reveals his new Android smartphone, BlackBerry Priv.

But the biggest question is that, will the Blackberry be able to sustain against its biggest software giants Apple Inc. & Google by whom the Blackberry was fallen once (The companies who were the helping hand in making the Blackberry down.)? Will the Blackberry be able to become the most prominent smartphone seller in the world like once it was?

The time will tell…