[SOLVED] How To Upload Images to Instagram From Your Computer

Instagram.com or Instagram Windows PC app has one missing feature. And that one missing is uploading a photo, WTF!

So In this article, I am going to explain how to upload an image to Instagram from your desktop(laptop).

Follow this step by step guide :

1Go to Instagram.com

Open your web Browser, Type www.instagram.com and Hit Enter!



2Log in to your account

Log in to your Instagram account by typing your username and password.

3Hit F12 Key

Hit F12 Key on your keyboard. I don’t know the alternative method of this. Sorry. Share in comments below if you know the alternative method.

4Hit Ctrl+Shift+M

Hit Ctrl, Shift & M key at once. Alternatively, you can also click on Toggle device icon. (Follow what image below says)


5Add Image(s)

Add image(s) by clicking on [+] icon box: Follow what image below says.


6That’s it!

That’s it. You have successfully fooled Instagram by uploading an image via computer. Congratulations.

Didn’t Get it? Watch the video below. This is the video tutorial for the above explanation.

[Video Will Be Available Shortly. Stay Tuned]