MS Office 2019, System Requirements?

Microsoft is going to release Office 2019 soon, and it will not work windows prior released to "Windows 10".

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Sad News

Microsoft Office 2019 is going to arrive by the end of this year and it’ll be going to work only on Windows 10 operating system. So that may be a sad news for Windows 7 lovers and for those who have been using old computers.

So What Should You(Windows 7 Users) Do?

So now, it might be a need to update your computer to Windows 10 (if you haven’t updated yet) to continue using the latest features.


However, you could be able to use Office 365 if your computer is old enough doesn’t meet the system requirements of Windows 10 in order to run properly.

What’s New In Office 2019?

It has also been said that “Office 2019” doesn’t need any key or subscription unlike the older versions of “Office”. It has been said that they are going to introduce “Click-to-install” technology & they will not provide an MSI installation package.

The design of “Office 2019” might be same as Office 365 does, i.e. Microsoft might not be going to change the design.

Office 2019 will come with several new Powerpoint improvements and addition to the features of it.

Office 2019’s Powerpoint might include some new animation features like zoom and a quality to scroll images smoothly.

In addition to this, new formulas in Excel will be introduced that will make your data analysis quite easier.

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