[Neon App] Adding Neon Effect On An Image

If you see back in the past 5 years, there were stupendous improvements have been made in the smartphones. And these improvements have been making our snapshots better than ever.

Rest of the work is making our editors. Editors make captured images even more beautiful and making the images ineffable.

After all, every editor focuses on one thing. In other words, every editor has on quality on which they mainly concentrate on.

So in this article, I’m going to share about an editor that gives an essence of “neon” effect on your images.

Neon App is the best app for giving neon images whether it’s your image is a selfie, groupie, or of any other type.

I’ve used the version 3.6.1 of the app.

So let’s get started.

For the sake of showing the review the photo of “Selena Gomez” has been used.

Adding text

Neon Text Feature
Neon Text Feature

You can add Rich text to an image. The text will stick onto the photo having a Neon Effect on it.

You can also resize the text (after adding it). Put your two fingers on the screen and resize it.

You can also move the text throughout the image.

Besides, there is one problem. You cannot be able to move the text around the corners.

You can also rotate the text (both clock and anti-clockwise), give a stroke to that.

Moreover, there is also a big font-gallery there where you can choose from.

On the other hand, You’ll be able to add only one text at a time (even though there is space left on the image to put on).

Shapes With Neon

You can also put various geometrical shapes like rectangle, square, star, etc. Even heart and cross shapes are there.

But unfortunately, you’ll not be able to put a text and a shape simultaneously. You’ve to surrender one of it to use the other one.


You can also switch from simple to gradient look to give some flauntiness to the image.

But, here also you’ll lose other effects by using this feature.

Other Features

There are also other accessories to edit your image. Like an eraser, canvas with various color to choose from, sturation, transparency, glow, discolor, etc.

After editing the image you can save it wherever you want on your mobile phone.