[HTML] The Paragraph tag


The Paragraph tag is used to create paragraphs.

Just like any other tag element (except some), this tag element also has an opening and a closing tag.

Ex: <p>……..</p>

How a look at the full code below. After that click on the button below labelled as Real-Time Editor! to use our Real-Time editor which will bring more clarity to you.




<h1>Lorem Ipsum</h1>

<h3>Lorem Ipsum</h3>

<p>This a dummy text taken from lipsum. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,
consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur hendrerit eu massa id
sollicitudin. Donec quam ipsum, aliquet rhoncus tincidunt nec,
accumsan a enim. Cras blandit neque eleifend elit imperdiet, eu
dictum lacus varius. Duis justo magna, egestas at ullamcorper ultrices,
tincidunt et mauris. Cras posuere luctus ex vulputate rutrum.

<p>Pellentesque eu faucibus tortor, id eleifend est. Curabitur
pellentesque, orci nec consequat pulvinar, justo tortor vulputate 
urna, at scelerisque ante sapien sed enim. Nulla facilisi.


Common mistakes

Common mistakes that are generally done by the beginner is to forget to add end tag. So don’t forget. Your code may work in most the browser but sometimes it can lead to unexpected results. Hence, This will end up reducing user experience.


  • Paragraph tag => <p>…..</p>
  • used to create a paragraph.