[HTML] The Body tag

This article will give you the basic knowledge of the body tag.

The Body tag ( <Body>…</Body> ) is a tag which contains the body of a webpage.

It contains headers, navigation, content and footer.

Body generally comes after ending of the head tag.

Have a look at body tag.



As you can see in the code above, the body is the direct child of the parent HTML tag.

Some of the main elements of the body are mentioned below

  1. The paragraph tag, <p></p>
  2. The Heading tags, <h1> to <h6>
  3. The Hyperlink tag, <a></a>
  4. The Image tag, <img>
  5. The Div tag. Etc, <div></div>

In our next article I will explain the Heading tags. I’ll also introduce you to our new Real-Time HTML Editor which will make your learning easy and fun.