[HTML]Learning HTML: An Introduction

Intro to Introduction 🙂

Howdy, welcome. So this the first lesson of the HTML. First of all, I would like to thank you for choosing and believing us.

HTML stands for “Hyper-Text Markup Language”. As I already said earlier in my previous post, HTML is the base language of any webpage. Not a single webpage could be made without the use of the HTML.

HTML uses tags “< >” in their every code. For instance, the HTML tag looks something like this – <HTML>. Every HTML tag is covered by these opening and closing tags “< >”.

<HTML> is one the important tag. Honestly speaking, it is the most important tag because without this tag any of the HTML code would not work properly.

<HTML> tag tells the web browser that this file contains HTML codes.


<!-- Your Code Here -->


If you don’t put HTML tag in the beginning of the HTML code, it may be possible that the code will work, but not properly.

HTML tag ends with </HTML>.  Most of the tags have both an opening and closing tags. HTML is one of them. Closing tags always contain a “/” slash.


  1. HTML is the first and most important tag of HTML programming.
  2. HTML tag looks like this = “<HTML>
  3. Ends with = “</HTML>

So the code with the HTML will look like this:




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