How to Increase Your RAM Using Hard Disk in Windows 10?

This article tells you can make any Hard Disk Space to be used as a RAM. Windows 10 has been used in this Tutorial. But, you can also follow this on earlier version of windows as the steps are nearly same. Video Tutorial is also there at the end of the article.

Microsoft Windows 10 is a highly optimized Windows when it’s compared to its earlier versions, that can even run smoothly if the computer hardly has 3 to 4 GB of RAM.

Like as you can see in the picture below, which is the screen-shot of my Windows 10 PC performance that has been running on 4 GB of RAM, and it has been taking just not more than 2.3 GB for use.

How to Increase Your RAM Using Hard Disk in Windows 10?
Less than 50% of Total RAM has been used.

But sometimes you really need more memory to increase performance. The reason could be anything, like very heavy Games [Call of Duty, GTA 5], heavy applications. There is also a need to increase RAM when you are going to use it (=your PC) for multitasking.

So here in this article, I will show you how you can increase your PC’s performance by using your PC’s Hard Disk Drive.

One more thing I want to tell you before you read the tutorial, the PC’s RAM will not increase after you do these steps but the performance will slightly increase.

There is also a Video Tutorial which is at the end of the Article.

So let’s get started.

1Open Run Command

Hit the Start Key on the keyboard. A Start menu will appear on the desktop screen. Type “Run” and open it (=Run Command). See an Image above if you didn’t get it. Open the icon that looks like as stated in the image.

2Type “sysdm.cpl”

A small window will appear. That’s a Run command application which is used to run several commands predefined in the Windows OS.

Type sysdm.cpl in the text box and then Hit “Enter” on your keyboard.


Go to advanced tab and click on “Settings…” Button inside “Performance”.

A new popup window will appear. Go again to its (=new popup) “Advanced” tab and click on “Change..” button, which is the only button have had on the tab.

Let me tell you one thing that virtual memory is not like a real memory. Actually, you’re going to use your hard disk free space for the purpose of using like a RAM.

One thing must be noted, that although this process will increase your PC performance, yet the actual RAM will not increase in your computer. Rarely, this process negatively affects your hard disk.

4After that,

you have to choose the hard disk to whom you want to use as a virtual RAM. I recommend you to choose a drive other than the OS drive (=C:/ drive).

Set the Initial and the Maximum size by choosing the “Custom Size” radio button.

Note: Microsoft Windows 10 restricts paging file size up to 3 times the size of your installed RAM. You must set the Initial Size to the currently allocated paging file size, which can be found at the end of the pop-up window.

Do not forget to click on “Set..”, otherwise the changes will not be done.

Click on Ok. So you may see a performance change after you restart your PC.


If you are thinking that the performance of your computer will increase in the same proportion, of the size that you have set to the same size of the RAM, then you are wrong.

In other words, setting your hard drive’s 1 GB to be used as a RAM, and inserting the actual 1 GB RAM into your PC is not same. The actual RAM will give better results, on the performance of the computer, when it’s (=Actual RAM insertion) compared to the other (=HDD conversion) method.

Understand this statement by looking at the diagram below:

So as you can see in the diagram, RAM is directly connected to the motherboard. That means it (=RAM) very close the Computer’s processor.

That is not in the case of Hard Disks. Hard Disks can store large of data but, it cannot be fastly accessed by your computer. So, the data in the Hard disk takes some more time to reach and then, to be processed by the processor.

You can use Hard Disk space to be used as RAM, and it is useful in cases like when you need temporary increment on the performance for any reason.

You will not get benefitted if you are thinking to use this method in a long run. Do this method only if you want to use any heavy software and it (=the software) is getting a problem regarding speed.

You can also use Pen Drive space to be used as a RAM, but using the above (=HDD) method is much better than that. Yet, you would read my article on “How to use the pen drive space to be used as a RAM” which will be posted soon.

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More Info.

RAM is still 4GB.
RAM is still 4GB.

as you can see in the image above, even after doing the above process the RAM still left unchanged, but the performance of the computer is slightly increased.


5What is RAM?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory whose main use is to store the data for some time till the processor is not free. RAM stores temporary information that is helpful to run all applications. The data of RAM gets deleted when the user switches off the computer. RAM is more expensive as compared to Hard Disks and Pen Drives.

You can find more bookish information about RAM on Wikipedia.



Here’s the video tutorial:


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