How I’ve been Using Ubuntu Installed On My Pen Drive

This article tells you how you can install Ubuntu onto your Pen Drive.

By PC Users, especially Indians, ‘Windows’ operating system has always been loved. The reason might be the ease of using it, or it’s easiest among others. The reason could be anything.

Although, it is easy to use & loved and used by many, yet it disappointed me. The Windows 10 that I had been using on my PC had a lot of bugs. From Startup problem to Wi-Fi problem, it had been loaded with just bugs.

That’s why yesterday I made a mind to install a different operating system.

I had searched several operating systems before I chose the Linux OS “Ubuntu“. “Ubuntu” was the most cutest OS among all of the others that I had searched yesterday. I chose the newest 17.10 version instead of the LTS (viz. Long Term Support) version.

Today I can say that I’ve taken the right decision of not choosing the Windows again. “Ubuntu” appears to be a lightest and fastest operating system to me. Ubuntu has really a clean design, a clean desktop. Moreover, It also starts or turns off quickly (barely in 5 seconds).

You might surprise to know that it(=ubuntu) has been installed on my pen drive. My pen drive is working like a plug and play device now. Like I just plug into my computer and then, it starts Ubuntu.

So in this article, I am sharing my experience of installing and using Ubuntu.

So let’s gets started.

Ubuntu ScreenShot
Ubuntu ScreenShot

Ubuntu is an open-source operating system. It has generally been used in network servers. I don’t have much technical stuff about Ubuntu because I’ve not researched about it a lot. You can find more information on Wikipedia.

But I can share my experience that how I’ve installed it on my pen drive.

I downloaded Ubuntu‘s setup file on my PC, and then I made a bootable pen drive after copying all the data onto my pen drive through RUFUS software.

After that, I came to know that It needs a some ‘ext’ type of file system on hard disks to install. That created a big issue for me. Because not only I hadn’t had a trust on Ubuntu but also I wanted to keep Windows alive on my PC. Besides this, I didn’t have any other free drive to install it(=Ubuntu).

So, I got an idea of using pen drive instead. And that actually worked. It scarcely took 15 min minutes to install & it is just working fine till now.

In addition to this, I also discovered that the drive can boot ‘Ubuntu‘ on any PC. That means you can take the operating system, your personal file and folder, your personal desktop screen anywhere. You just need to plug in the pen drive before starting any PC to make the ‘Ubuntu‘ be booted.

Ubuntu has various pre-installed software that is very useful for basic needs. Some of them(=the software) are LibreOffice, Screenshot taker, Thunderbird and Mozilla Firefox.

Ubuntu also has a Terminal that is a command-line. Something like MS-DOS but more.

So it’s my suggestion that you should install and use Ubuntu once.