Google removes VIEW IMAGE button, but

Google Removes View Image Button
Google Removes View Image Button


You can bring back view image button by downloading this chrome extension.

Bad News.

Google has removed VIEW IMAGE button from its ‘images search’ that is making difficult for us to download images.

Moreover, Google has also removed its ‘Search by image’ feature that will create difficulty for those want to search image’s source on the internet.


Google Removes View Image Button
Google Removes View Image Button

However, the Visit button is still there which navigates the user to the images’ source website directly.


After all, you can still download images by right-clicking on the image and then save as.. button.

Unfortunately, Users have to bear one ache. They have to scroll and find the image, which they want to download, on the long webpage then have to right-click and download it.

Although some websites have disabled the right-click feature, yet screenshot applications have always been there for the solution to this problem.

According to ‘The Verge’, Google will make copyright attribution and disclaimers more prominent in image search results. You can find more about it on The Verge.

What About Other Search Engines?

google Bing images
google Bing images

On the other hand,  DuckDuckGo and Bing and still offering ‘Save’ button.