Country burns in the war of political ideologies

Last week, our country witnessed various heinous rape crimes, of which Kathua and Unnao got much media and public attention. There was anger among people. “Such people don’t deserve to live” ,” They should be hanged” etc.. were the reactions of common people retaliating  on streets. There was country wide anger among people. But people didn’t know against whom to protest. The whole protest was divided by leaders belonging to different ideologies or parties and so was the crowd.Why did this happen? The whole country stood united against the culprits and was ashamed in 2012 when Nirbhaya was raped. As the raped girl was a Muslim in case of kathua rape and the leader involved was a BJP MLA in case of Unnao Rape, the whole story was given a communal and political color. These rape cases were used to demolish the Hindu believes, claiming them to be rapists. There was a direct attack on Hinduism by reporters like Barkha Dutt and Ravish Kumar. These cases were used by political parties to their advantage to defame the ruling BJP party.But we should not forget that there are Hindu girls being raped in the country,why none of the cases got highlighted? Because it cannot be used as a means of minority appeasement or vote-bank politics.

The truth is that through social media we have access to so much information that we fail to understand the core of the situation. What we are served is the surface information. Credibility of any news on social cannot be fixed. To know the truth requires a deep research into the matter. My advice is do not be a victim of any dogmatic belief, be of religion, marxism(specifically JNUism) or of any ideology presented to you. Search for your own truth.

I am an Indian and a Hindu and I am ashamed of what has happened in our country. But  I am also ashamed of leaders like Kanhaiya Kumar and Sheila Rashid who don’t feel sorry for the rape victim but just have hate for the government.

Choose your mentors carefully!