Chrome 64, What’s New?

(Above Image Source: 9to5Google.Com)

As Google announced earlier in June 2017 that Chrome would start automatically blocking annoying internet ads from February 2018.

So Here, Google Chrome 64 has been released with the objective of achieving this.

Some major changes have been pointed out in Chrome 64.

The changes have been made to improve user experience though still, it can’t be able to stop all the advertisements.

So Here are all those changes that have been made:

1Mute Tab

Now you can mute any website and that website will be muted until you unmute it. The tab will continue to be muted, even if you close the tab.

The feature was not available in earlier version of Chrome. The “tab” wouldn’t be muted after they were closed by the user.


Chrome will be able to block annoying ads now.

However, in my test, it wouldn’t be able to block annoying ads.


On the other hand, the design of the Chrome and all that is same. No new design has been introduced.