[HTML]Bold Tag


“Be Fearless, Be Bold, Be You”.

Umm.. Being Bold is a good thing. Well, it’s adequate to maintain integrity, objectivity, uprightness, etc.

But here I am not going to talk about that Bold. Well, as all we know this an article on HTML tutorial, so I am to talk about the Bold Tag.

Genuine Intro

The Bold tag is one of the important tags. Usually, it is used in an article to convey any important line, and by this tag, that line will be easily caught by the eyes of the readers.

So as you can see It is one one of the crucial element in making a webpage beautiful and more valuable to the readers.

The Code

The Code is so simple. There is nothing to worry about.

<p>This is a paragraph which contains a <b>Bold</b> element.



This is a paragraph which contains a Bold element.



Try-it Editor will clear all of your points. There is nothing to explain much.

Is there is an alternative to it?

Yes, The alternative to bold tag is using a strong tag.

the strong tag looks like this.

<p>This is a paragraph which contains a <strong>Bold</strong> element.


Eventually, you are going to get the same output. So, either you can use any of them. It is up to you.

I would rather use the < b > because it is simple, short, and easy.


This is all about the bold. In our next article, you will meet with their brother and sister, whose names are “underline” and “italic“. See you.

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